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The designed system adopts event-based triggering and data aggregation methods to reduce the number of transmissions, and develops a new algorithm for such purpose. The web-server and mobile applications have user interface to display the output of the data analytic services, warning, control operations and give access to query data of the user's interest.

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Design und Implementierung CT Applikation. Neural networks in the rock mechanics field. Markus Kammerstetter. Current state of browser extension security and extension-based malware. Wolfgang Kastner, Christian Platzer. IPv6 - a security analysis of tomorrow's communication protocol. Dynamic behavior monitoring of Android malware.

Security and legal aspects of cloud computing. InjectionCop : a pluggable type checker for inferencing custom type qualifiers. On Austrian ePassport security. Detecting Illicit content in picture streams. Automated extraction of economic information from underground marketplaces using machine learning. Information leakage detection and prevention on Android devices. Extracting economic information from underground marketplaces. Location Based Keys, Implementation of an encryption scheme.

To achieve that, first, existing solutions have been analyzed and three nodes have been built, having each one of them a different functionality. For their construction, both their hardware electrical design and implementation, and their software implementation have srikanth cherla master thesis developed.

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Application-Layer Communication Protocol for Home Automation

This option is the some of the sample to write your academic paper for you. Second part is hardware interface module, which provides appropriate interface to sensors and actuator of home automation system. Unlike most of available home automation system in the market the proposed system is scalable that one server can manage many hardware interface modules as long as it exists on WiFi network coverage.While the programme structure empha Businesses, governments, development agencies and NGOs alike now seek to integrate low-carbon and climate-resilient approaches into their work.

The Climate Change and Developm Sign In. Create Account. Fields of Study. Masters Programs in Development Studies in Asia Development Studies is a vibrant field concerned with processes of change such as social a… Read more The benefits of a Masters extend beyond improving your earning potential. Online Courses Summer courses. Other options within this field of study:. Development Studies. Mailing Address P. Box Kent, OH Street Address E.

Summit St. Our new master's degree prepar The main aim of the "Population and Development" programme is to train the specialists who will be ready for practical development problems solution. These challenges could be The Master of Arts in Migration Studies is a two-year, unit program that begins each fall.

Students are given the option to study at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexic This degree program is an intensive three-semester course of study designed for those seeking rigorous training in economics supplemented by training in the related discipline In a multi-disciplinary context, international development studies examine social, political and economic transformations involved in the development and key issues connected The MA in International Development focuses on development theory, policy analysis, politics of institutions, relevant research, and management skills.

The master thesis autism reflects an Sign In.

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Create Account. Fields of Study. For most univer… Read more A masters degree in development studies is offered in most universities across the globe.

A meta-analysis based on discourse analytical research of others master thesis concordia University Culture and Innovation in University Research analysing the role of culture in innovation at universities suggested internship organisation: Department of Strategy of the Radboud University ; Geography is what geographers do: Empirical analysis of discovery test the human geography alumni of the Radboud University do nowadays.

Possible research topics include: place marketing and place branding demographic shrinkage in city and country local and regional economic policy issues old industrial, peripheral and rural areas. In probing these issues, he employs conventional quantitative and qualitative as well as novel methods configurational analysis QCA, topological and relational approaches.

Examples of recent thesis topics: Creating space for new forms of retail businesses in the Haarlem city centre Mobilizing the Smart City. An inquiry into the transferal, articulation and effects of the Smart City Venlo, innovative student city.

About attracting and retaining students and improving their contribution to regional innovation Creating and governing commons within the neoliberal realm Eastern Netherlands Economic Power. A research exploring the effectiveness of financial incentives and business development aids on SME growth and development in the Eastern Netherlands Triple Helix environment.

Sharing Innovation. Mathijs van Leeuwen Research interests: I am a rural development sociologist, and graduated at Wageningen University in Geographical Interests: Burundi, Uganda, DRC, Rwanda, South Sudan, Guatemala Possible thesis subjects are: Post-conflict peace building and development Civil society, social movements, and NGOs Land rights, tenure security, land disputes, land governance reform Decentralization and local management of natural resources Local governance and state-formation from below Reconciliation and local dispute resolution Reintegration of former refugees, IDPs and ex-combatants Challenges of rebel-movement to political party transitions Gender and conflict Humanitarian aid, post-conflict reconstruction and development.

After doing extensive field research in Afghanistan, his new research project will take him to Somalia in the years to come: Afghanistan Somalia State-building and state-making processes Violence, Armed Conflicts, and Armed Groups Failed States and Warlordism External Interventions.

Rianne van Melik Research interests: Rianne van Melik is a human geographer with a Master development studies thesis and interest in urban and cultural developments, spatial planning, and public space issues. Roos Pijpers Research interests: I am a human geographer with a background in economic geography. Such theses could address the following topics: Ageing in place Vulnerable people who live independently in the community e.

ISIL, Religion, Culture and territorial factors that can explain violent conflict and terrorism Mental maps and representation of identities particularly in Georgia Methods of research in social sciences Schools of Geopolitics, geostrategy, geo ec onomics and ethnogeopolitics Political and Cultural Geography Conflict and Peace Studies In addition, I can coach and help you finding a place for your internship or exchange courses in Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran.

How to create safe places for people who do not belong? Concrete internship opportunities for are see Brightspace Preparing the Master thesis I have three very concrete internship opportunities to offer, please contact me if you are interested in one of these: j.

You will work as a volunteer The Worlding Classroom in collaboration with Glasgow University 1 place available In the context of the Glasgow-Radboud collaboration fund, we can offer one internship position.

How do the cities coop with refugee communities?

UO Research

What bottom-up initiatives exist in both places? What can they learn from each other? Lothar Smith Research interests: Trained in a number of interrelated disciplines such as human geography, development sociology, anthropology and micro economics, Lothar Smith is especially interested in research issues of a holistic, multi-locational master thesis writers concerning countries in the global south. Ghana: University of Ghana incl. Various topics: Notably opportunities for research on migration and globalisation issues, e.

Developments in the relationship between urban and rural economies, Coping with risk by urban actors The role of recreational spaces in the city Accra, Kumasi Public transport development and societal notions of sustainability. Research on post-conflict influences of diasporas through local development initiatives. Indonesia: Geography Dept, University Gadya Mada - Building a new capital city - a holistic analysis of the sustainability of capital city shifts 2 theses: Java, Kalimantan.

Online: Analysis through a network analysis of key actors of the further potential of an online platform that attempts to connect across transnational spaces actors commercial, NGOs, government, etc involved in migration and development TRANSCODE. Haley Swedlund Research interests: Haley Swedlund is interested in a broad range of topics related to the role of external actors in aid-dependent and post-conflict contexts.

Martin van der Velde Research interests: As one of the coordinators of the Nijmegen Centre for Border Research and co-editor of the Journal of Borderlands Studies, I am confronted with a wide range of issues where borders do play an important role, which reflects in my broad and general interest in the area Border-studies.

In recent years my research has focussed on three topics in particular: the causes and effects of changing border regimes like Schengen ; the border as an asset that can be exploited as opposed to the border as a barrier that has to be removed; undocumented migration and borders.

Possible topics for MA-theses that I will gladly supervise and work on together, are: Borders in the broadest master thesis acknowledgements of the word. This could involve economic aspects like labour markets, consumer behaviourmigration, identity, etc.

Willemijn Verkoren Research interests: The research of Willemijn Verkoren deals with violent conflict and peace processes in a changing global context. Peter Ache Research interests: The future is here! Master Thesis Topics: Several MSc theses can be developed under the general topic: life styles and the healthy city idea mobility beyond the combustion engine spatial augmentation and the city city apps grass roots urban futures new flexible housing models and strategies the city as a living lab new urban management city-cells sustainable and resilient cities … The intention is to apply those ideas to Nijmegen and critically discuss existing local strategies with the intention, to provide scenarios and options for new activities.

Pascal Beckers Research interests: Pascal Beckers is an international business economist and human geographer, with special expertise in economic geography, migration and integration, urban studies and research methods.

Pieter Leroy Research interests: Pieter Leroy has a long experience in research of environmental conflicts, and in the analysis of environmental politics and policies. Master Thesis Topics: Impact of urban planning on land and property markets and vice versa prices, return on investment, development costs Driving forces behind investment behavior of land and property owners, developers and investors on land and property markets Implementation of innovative governance and finance mechanisms for urban re examples of catchy titles for essays projects.

Sander Lenferink Research interests: My research focuses on the role of public and private parties in spatial development. Master Thesis Topics: Transit-oriented development Public-private partnerships Negotiations and strategic behavior Information in spatial development processes Priv ate urban governance Self-governance in area development.

Duncan Liefferink Research interests: European environmental politics, comparative environmental politics, Europeanization, implementation, multi-level governance, environmental pioneers. The thesis option gives students the time necessary to pursue a deeper program of research, often involving fieldwork or other primary data collection.

This is to allow the student time to develop a concentrated program of research that will result in an original thesis that uses primary data. The thesis will be between pages and will be defended before a committee of three examiners. Notably, this option provides research experience that better prepares students for doctoral studies or other forms of research-based work.

Students applying to the Global Development Studies MA Program who think they might be interested in an eventual switch to the two-year research stream are encouraged to contact potential supervisors at the time of their application to discuss research interests and availability.

They should discuss a focused thesis topic, funding options, and data collection processes early and consistently during the fall term with their potential supervisor, in order to submit a strong thesis stream application.

The deadline for applications to switch into the thesis-based stream is December Please be aware that, if accepted into the thesis-based stream, the department will do its best to find additional sources of funding such as TA-ships and RA-ships through faculty members' research grants. Unfortunately, the Department cannot master thesis writers that such funds will be available. Relevant degrees include development studies, politics, sociology, geography, economics, gender studies, environmental studies and aboriginal studies.

Students with humanities-based backgrounds - for example in history, film, religion and literature - may also be suitable candidates provided they have pursued course work in social science fields during their degrees.