Phd thesis mobile computing

Read the programme admissions statement for important information on entry requirements, the application process and supporting documents required. Admissions statement. The Department of Computer Science's large programme of research is supported by industry, the European Union, UK government research establishments and public corporations.

The academic research programme is organised into the following groups:. The Visual Information Laboratory undertakes innovative, collaborative and interdisciplinary research, resulting in new technology in the areas of computer vision, image and video communications, content analysis and distributed sensor systems. Current research includes: images and video search and retrieval; video tracking; visual SLAM; medical and bio-imaging; machine vision; 3D and multi-view processing; colour science; and high dynamic-range imaging, vision and graphics.

Phd thesis on mobile computing

Our Cryptography and Information Security group conducts research into cryptography, the underlying hard problems on which it is based, and the hardware and software needed to implement secure systems. The group has particular interest in techniques for proving the security of cryptographic systems, efficiently implementing these systems on small computing devices and verifying these implementations, including testing their security against physical attacks.

We also have an interest in security auditing and computer forensics. The Cyber Security Group's research focuses on three interlinked strands: security of cyber-physical infrastructures, software security and human behaviour. Members of the Intelligent Systems group explore general principles underlying learning and intelligence in artificial and natural systems.

An important aspect is machine learning and data mining techniques for systems and software that improve with experience. We also work on the interface between computer science and the biological sciences, exploiting connections that not only help to make computers more intelligent but also deepen our understanding of aspects of human intelligence.

We are working on computational methods for automating significant parts of the scientific method.

Phd thesis mobile computing

Our research enables the development of sophisticated systems that allow us to manage and make full use of vast amounts of digital data. The Robotics group leads the faculty's theoretical and practical robotics research, some of which is based at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in Frenchay.

Researchers are involved in projects studying human-robot interaction, collective robotics, aerial robotics, neuro-inspired control, haptics, control systems, rehabilitation robotics, soft robotics and biomedical systems. The Bristol Interaction Group is a creative interdisciplinary research team interested in designing novel interactive computers and displays.

The cross-integration and developments of composite applications on the Web, alongside with its ubiquitous availability across a broad range of devices e. Web sites do not offer only pages anymore, but Application Programming Interfaces that can be used by other Web resources to create new, ad-hoc and composite applications running in the computing cloud and being accessed by desktops or mobile computers.

We extend the REST architecture by proposing and implementing a number of improvements to fit the special requirements of the physical world such as the need for domain-specific proxies or real-time communication.

Just as Web developers and tech-savvies create Web 2. First we look at wireless sensor networks, in particular at energy and environmental monitoring sensor nodes. We evaluate the benefits of applying the proposed architecture first empirically by means of several prototypes, then quantitatively by running performance evaluations and finally qualitatively with the help several developers who used our frameworks to develop mobile and Web-based applications.

Malaysian Student International Student. OVERVIEW A research degree is awarded primarily on the basis of a thesis embodying the results of a research project and any coursework topics when necessary or other formal studies required by the University and the School of Computer Sciences to be undertaken during the candidature period. Finally, we define three novel instantiations of SAV schemes obtained through our compiler.

Compared to shoplifting essay works, our proposals are the only ones which simultaneously achieve existential unforgeability and soundness against collusion. Distance-bounding DB protocols are cross-layer authentication protocols that are based on the round-trip-time phd thesis on mobile computing challenge-response exchanges and can be employed to guarantee physical proximity and combat relay attacks.

However, traditional DB protocols rely on the assumption that the prover is in the communication range of the verifier, which might not be the case in multiple access control scenarios in ubiquitous computing environments or when we need to verify the proximity of our two-hop neighbour in an ad-hoc network.

In this paper, we extend traditional DB protocols to a two-hop setting i. We present a formal framework that captures the most representative classes of existing DB protocols and phd thesis on mobile computing a general method to extend traditional DB protocols to the two-hop case. We analyse the security of two-hop DB protocols and identify connections with the security issues of the corresponding one-hop case.

Finally, we demonstrate the correctness of our security analysis and the efficiency of our model by transforming five existing DB protocols to the two-hop setting and we evaluate their performance with simulations. In biometric authentication protocols, a user is authenticated or granted access to a service if her help writing dissertation proposal biometric trait matches the reference biometric template stored on the service provider.

Phd thesis on mobile cloud computing

This matching process is usually based on a suitable distance which measures the similarities between the two biometric templates. In this paper, we prove that, when the matching process is performed using a specific family of distances which includes distances such as the Hamming and the Euclidean distancethen information about the reference template is leaked. This dimension has resulted from of the introduction of portable information and communication technologies ICTs - notably mobile phones, personal digital assistants PDAslaptop computers, smart phones and tablet computers - whose physical, instrumental and functional properties provide opportunities for mobility of interaction, information processing, learning and work.

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Mobile Computing Phd Thesis

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